Parsippany Child Day Care Center

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Infants and Toddlers

 Welcome to the Infant and Toddler Program of The Parsippany Child Day Care Center.

Little Dipper I and Little Dipper II rooms comprise this component.

Children remain in this program until they are 2½ years. Parents will be notified before a child moves from one group to another. A "transition" period will take place before the move which consists of daily visits to the new class and gradually increasing the amount of time your child spends in their new room.



 Little Dippers I

In our infant room we strive to maintain a ratio of 1:3 and at no time will our ratio exceed the State Licensing ratio of 1:4. In Little Dippers I each infant is assigned a primary caregiver. Each staff member is responsible for making sure their child's needs have been met. Throughout the day all infants receive one-on-one attention to establish a bond with their caregiver. Infants are provided with many manipulative and stimulating toys, promoting fine and gross motor skills. Music is played throughout the day and the caregivers engage in singing and dancing with all infants.  Language art skills include reading books, dramatic play and puppets. 




 Little Dippers II

In Little Dippers II we strive to maintain a ratio of 1:5 and at no time will our ratio exceed the State Licensing ratio of 1:6. Toddlers are each assigned a primary caregiver who is responsible for making sure the child's needs have been met.  Children in Little Dippers II benefit from an environment which offers them many opportunities to explore, create, and interact with their surroundings. This is a time when children are active and need time to explore their world around them. Socialization is just beginning at this age.