Parsippany Child Day Care Center

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Big Dippers

Big Dippers

The Big Dippers class serves as a transition for children from the Toddler Program to the Preschool Program.  In the Big Dipper classroom we strive to maintain a ratio of 1:8. Children in the toddler room are learning to be more independent and self-sufficient. Socialization becomes very important at this stage of life. Teaching staff work with you and your child when your child is interested in toilet-training.  A bathroom is located in this classroom to encourage this self help skill and children are encouraged by frequent reminders to use the bathroom.

 The children participate in various activities throughout the day which include storytime, art, music, outside play and supervised free-play.  Children are encouraged to express themselves through their own creativity and if they choose not to participate they are allowed to play in another area of the classroom.

Preschool and Pre-K

Welcome to the Preschool Program of The Parsippany Child Day Care Center.

The Shining Stars, Comets and Rockets classrooms comprise this component.

Children are assigned to their classroom based on their age and development.  Children may be transitioned to another classroom during their time at the center, based on many factors.  Families are informed prior to transitions.